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main office


The 1st floor of the head office is a factory for inspection and maintenance of turbochargers, and the following equipment is installed. Elevator lifts for carrying heavy objects have been installed on the stairs so that work can be done comfortably.

Machine NameNumber of units
General-purpose lathe1
General-purpose milling machine1
Drilling machine2
Balancing machine (Available from 10kg to 800kg)3
Blast machine (Available from 10kg to 800kg)2
Overhead traveling crane (up to 2.8 tons can be supported)7
High-pressure washing machine3
Electric and gas welders1
Various general tools and measuring instruments1
Mobile automatic pallet rack (compatible with 32 pallets)
本社Office scenery
本社1F factory scenery

Vehicle Division Warehouse

It is a warehouse for the vehicle division right next to the head office. Since we have introduced an automatic moving pallet, even female staff can work easily.

車両事業部倉庫There is also a forklift in the warehouse
車両事業部倉庫Mobile pallet rack

Parts warehouse

A warehouse for parts, a 1-minute walk from the head office. You can also have a barbecue party on the roof of the 3rd floor building while looking at the sea.

部品用倉庫The entire 3rd floor building is a warehouse
部品用倉庫Abundant stock in ample space
部品用倉庫Warehouse roof
部品用倉庫View from the roof