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Ship division【Running repair section】

Turbocharger gross weight amounts to 14,200 kg when it becomes the greatest turbocharger MET90 made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. It is by no means easy to remove such huge turbo from the engine room of the ship. Our engineer goes into the engine room and carries out repair it when it is impossible to move the turbocharger.
Our running repair varies such as, “periodic overhauling,” “repair maintenance to solve the problem by foreign substance entering,” “troubleshooting the exhaust temperature rise.”
All of our running repairs are carried out by licensed engineers of the manufacturer.


  • MET Hybrid made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd

    The latest model of MET Turbocharger series,Hybrid turbocharger MET&MET-MBG

  • MET VTI Turbocharger made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd

    Retro-fittable MET VTI

  • HPR type Turbocharger made by KBB

    In HPR series made by KBB installed vessel. HPR5000/6000

  • Maintenance of MOATTI AUTO FILTER made by IHI Corporation

    Maintenance of the FO&LO purifier made by IHI Corporation

  • Deck department

    Hydraulic motor replacement for rampway

  • Deck department

    Crane strength test(Class NK)

Ship division 【Work shop section】

We carry out various kinds of maintenances of marine machineries. Marine turbocharger is always under an extremely severe environment such as, high revolution, high temperature, wearing due to the use of C heavy oil. Especially, the burden on the turbine shaft is intolerably heavy. In our work shop, we carry out cleaning, measuring, and balancing test by 0.001 g at the minimum of units in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards.


Balancing test
Available by 10 kg - 800 kg, MET/HPR/TCA/NA/VTR and the like.

Rotor shaft repair
Chromium plating in accordance with the manufacturer.

Rotor shaft repair
Replacing turbine blades damaged by foreign substance entering.

Cleaning nozzle ring
Blast cleaning with abrasives in accordance with manufacture’s designation.
After cleaning, predetermined measurement was carried out.

Maintenance of MOATTI AUTO FILTER made by IHI Corporation
Maintenance of hydraulic motor.
Left: after dismantling and cleaning. Right: the state of a trial run with an exclusively designated machine after assembling.

Ship division【Parts sale section】

Even a lack of a bolt can stop a vessel. We supply various kinds of engine parts and ships stores used on vessel. We promptly arrange and supply products from a large-sized turbocharger to a small bolt based on a concept, “never stop a vessel.”

Product line

Engine department
Main Engine/Auxiliary Engine: all products
Engine parts, e.g. turbo charger, purifier, pump, air compressor and the like: all products

Deck department
ships stores, paint and the like: all products